Usually when a group of films are released under a series, like the EIGHT FILMS TO DIE FOR, or GHOST HOUSE imprints, the results are about as mixed as it gets. For every good film, there are about four or five ones that well..aren’t so great. It’s a pretty hit or miss experience, and I always walk away hoping for more hits than misses the next time around.

With all of that said, I’m not going to lie, I was excited as hell when Fangoria announced that they were starting their own series, called “Fangoria Presents” and featuring five different films for the first volume. I’ve always loved the magazine, and if their knack for providing horror fans with cool horror experiences translates to the films that they choose to release under the “Presents” banner, then we’ll be in for a treat for sure. Fangoria was nice enough to send volume one to me to check out, so I figured I’d give y’all my take on which ones are great, good or well…not so good. Round one: Daniel Krige’s INHUMAN RESOURCES. Read on!

INHUMAN RESOURCES revolves around Annabelle, a young woman that is about to get on an elevator in a building, when the elevator door opens, and a man holding an axe stands over a decaptitated body, bloody as hell. A news story then tells us that the man, Thomas Reddmann (or ‘The Headhunter’ as the media labels him) was captured and then died while escaping. Some time later, Annabelle, who we then find out is a webcam girl, begins a strip show online for a man who begins to creep her out, and after turning the computer off, she’s knocked out by someone.

Annabelle wakes up in an office, along with five other people, all tied up and seemingly with no idea why they’re in there. They’re greeted by Reddmann, who not only isn’t dead, but is pretty pissed off at the group, for whatever reasons. We eventually find out that everyone in the group each played a small part in Reddmann getting caught and arrested, with each individual being the witness (Annabelle), the detective, the lawyer, the psychic who helped the cops, etc. Reddmann subjects the group to a series of assignments, sorting through files, documents and audio recordings, telling them to figure out how he was innocent, and when anyone in the group doesn’t do the work they’re supposed to, Reddmann removes his fake arm, and slices a line into their head with a hook.


Throughout the film, Annabelle and the rest of the group slowly figure out that not everyone is who they claim to be, and through a series of revelations, that maybe Reddmann WASN’T guilty, that his revenge might just be warranted. With each member of the group slowly getting taken out due to their mess-ups, Annabelle tries to figure out why Reddmann wants to kill everyone involved, and looks for a way out of there, before he decides to dispatch her as well.

While the film itself isn’t anything all too original, it works. It has its issues with pacing in the first half, but when things begin to pick up, it’s a really entertaining movie, full of some really good makeup fx (FX legend Tom Savini supervised them and also has a pretty funny cameo in the film as well), and succeeds at making you wonder what will happen next. Definitely a pretty solid first film in the Fangoria Presents series, and if the rest of the films are like this one, then count me in.

INHUMAN RESOURCES in now available on DVD, VOD and for for rental via Fangoria Presents.

One thought on “Movie Review: INHUMAN RESOURCES!!

  1. I watched this movie after waking up at 1am last night and not being able to sleep. It was fantastic. Loved with Anabelle armed herself with a leg of one of the murdered people. I didn’t see the whole thing but I wish I did. I love these kinds of sloppy, funny horror flicks.. lots of blood and gore 🙂

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