Feel the Rage of The Lumberjack in new Trailer for AXE GIANT: THE WRATH OF PAUL BUNYAN!!

107Fairy tales. Like any trend, the fairy tale genre has has a renaissance of sorts, thanks to studios giving hip new twists on everything from Hansel and Gretel (in at least four different films based on the duo that were released just last year, including the big budget HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS), Jack and the Beanstalk (X-MEN/THE USUAL SUSPECTS director Bryan Singer helmed the recent JACK THE GIANT SLAYER) and about a million more. Most of them don’t really offer much more than a one time watch, but one that looks like a lot of fun is Gary Jones’ AXE GIANT: THE WRATH OF PAUL BUNYAN. While a lot of the bigger budget offerings took themselves WAY too serious, AXE GIANT seems to know what kind of movie it is, and instead of thinking it’s going to be winning awards left and right, it looks like it just wants to give folks a fun time. Check out the trailer below, and sound off with your thoughts!!

AXE GIANT is a contemporary take on the tall tale of lumberjack Paul Bunyan. Kids at a first-offenders’ boot camp discover that the legend of Paul Bunyan is real and must team up with the local sheriff to stop the 15-foot giant’s new rampage of terror.

The movie stars genre vet Joe Estevez, Dan Haggerty (TV’s “Grizzly Adams”), Tom Downey (SyFy’s WAR OF THE WORLDS), and Tim Lovelace (MOSQUITO). Amber Connor, Jesse Kove, Kristina Kopf, Clifton Williams, Victoria Ramos, Jill Evyn, and former WWF wrestler Chris Hahn round out the cast. This is the first major role for Kove, son of veteran actor Martin Kove (THE KARATE KID 1-3, RAMBO).”

AXE GIANT: THE WRATH OF PAUL BUNYAN will be unleashed onto VOD and DVD this June from Virgil Films.

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