Fango Launches Brand New DVD/VOD Series, FANGORIA PRESENTS!!

fangoriaLast month, FANGORIA launched their brand new DVD/VOD series, “Fangoria Presents“, an ambitious VOD/DVD platform featuring new and classic horror films. Volume one of the series features artwork by veteran comic book artist Mike Miller and is comprised of five films that range from slashers to paranormal hauntings to zombie fare as well.





For a full synopsis and the release dates of each film, visit the official Fangoria Presents page HERE.

Also coming your way, is Fangoria’s monthly VOD collection, which is quite impressive as well, this month focusing on “Spectral Splatter and Hillbilly Hellrides“. Everything from Stan Winston’s PUMPKINHEAD and Lucky Mckee’s THE WOODS, to Bava’s BLACK SABBATH and the drive-in cult classic THE EVICTORS, the Fangoria team is definitely bringing horror fans some great original and classic films to watch. Be sure to check them out!.

To find Fango’s Comcast collection on VOD, search this way: Movies > Movie Collections > Fangoria, and there you go!

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