Beyond Fright: New Warbeast Video Unleashes the Beast!!

3540305952_logoThis video was sent my way today, and it’s pretty cool if I do say so myself. I’ve always loved videos that are more than just the typical “band playing in field” type of fare, and this one is definitely a gory good time, featuring some really great practical effects. Check it out!!

“The beast is unleashed! Today, WARBEAST releases their brand new, horror-flick inspired music video for the track ‘Blood Moon’. The song is cut from their new album Destroy, released last week via Housecore Records.
The video tells the terrifying story of Gnmange’, a tormented Werewolf, and his need to exist. The video was directed by Mike Holderbeast of Cement Level Studios NOLA, known for his recent work with Down on their music video for the track ‘Witchtripper’. The video features the acting talents of WARBEAST guitarist Scott Shelby and slayed victims Amber Michelle and Sarah Vaz, and features special effects work by Molly Federline.”

Visit Warbest at their official site HERE.

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