Science Gone Wrong in The ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY Trailer Debut!!

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I’m a huge fan of David Cronenberg, and the type of body-horror that a lot of his films have the angle of. So after seeing the trailer for Eron Sheean’s ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY, I was instantly enthralled by it. It has that Cronenberg feeling, without seeming to rip it off. Definitely looks pretty good, and having Michael Eklund (THE CALL, THE DIVIDE) as the lead is always a good choice in my book. Check it out!

“Following divorce from his wife and the loss of his son to a rare genetic mutation, Canadian geneticist Geoff Burton relocates to the harsh, wintry scenery of Dresden, Germany to work on groundbreaking new project that might just be his key to redemption. When teamed up with his former intern and colleague Rebekka, he starts working on a human regenerative gene with direct ties to his personal tragedy, yet matters prove increasingly difficult: jealous co-­‐workers’ feelings are ruffled, old flames are rekindled and personal demons become consistently harder to suppress in this new and oppressive work environment. Still haunted by the memory of his wife and his failures to have saved his deceased son, Burton finds himself maddeningly close to a medical breakthrough, yet quickly spiraling out of control. Collapsing his career and personal life into a dark and increasingly dangerous tunnel-­‐vision of competitive genetics, delusions of all kinds and the terrifying potential of massive discoveries gone awry, Burton is quite literally the stranger in the strange land. The question remains: how far will Burton be willing to go to atone for the errors of his past?”

ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY opens in select theaters on April 19 and will be available to watch on Cable VOD, SundanceNOW and other digital outlets (iTunes, Amazon Streaming, PS3 Playstation Unlimited, XBOX Zune, Google PLAY and YouTube) via IFC FILMS.

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  1. If you’re as big a fan of Cronenberg’s body horror as I am and want to see it put to good use by a talented young filmmaker, you need to track down a short film called FAMILIAR. It’s a brilliant turn into Cronenberg country by a fellow Canadian.

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