Fright Exclusive Interview with B.U.F.F. Juror Rider Strong!!

imageIn anticipation of next week’s Boston Underground Film Festival (or B.U.F.F. for short), which runs from March 27th-31st, we recently had the opportunity to throw a few questions the way of one of the festival’s jurors, actor Rider Strong (CABIN FEVER, BORDERLAND) regarding the festival and other projects, past and future. Read on!
You were previously known for your role in BOY MEETS WORLD, but you’ve really made a name for yourself in the horror genre, with CABIN FEVER, TOOTH AND NAIL and BORDERLAND. Are you a fan of the genre?

Definitely. I loved horror as a kid and then I really got an education in it while working on Cabin Fever, thanks to Eli Roth’s encyclopedic knowledge. It’s a genre where artists can go to reinvent themselves or start a career. So many big directors and actors got their first roles in horror films. Coming off of an adolescence spent on a safe, family show like Boy Meets World, horror was a space I could go to as an actor and feel free to experiment. Also now, as a writer-director, I’m heading back to horror because it’s a genre that is easier to get financing and distribution for — that’s a business reality, but creatively, I’m embracing it wholeheartedly.

You also had a small cameo in the second CABIN FEVER film, which is notorious for being taken away from Ti West, and re-edited by the studio. Was it a good experience working on the film?

I was only there for one day of shooting, so I don’t have any juicy stories, sorry. But yes, I had a fine time on my one day. I’ve hung out with Ti since and he’s a good guy.

Your a juror on the panel for the B.U.F.F What are you hoping to see at the festival?

I’m hoping to a) be surprised b) be offended, and c) vomit at some point.

BOY MEETS WORLD seems to have developed a cult following. Are you involved in any capacity in the new spinoff show being developed?

Nope. I visited the set yesterday, though.

What’s next for you?

My brother and I make movies. We’re turning our short film THE DUNGEON MASTER (which is available on iTunes!) into a feature film. And we’re making the aforementioned horror film. It’s a race to see which one gets shot first, but we’re full steam ahead on both.

There you have it. Boston residents can have the opportunity to meet Rider, along with the festival’s other jurors during the event, which runs from March 27th through the 31st, and will feature screenings of the highly anticipated BIG ASS SPIDER! and CHEAP THRILLS, among other fun as hell films. For more info, feel free to visit the festival’s official site HERE.

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