Scream Factory Reveals Cover Art for THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN Bluray!!

SCREAM-FACTORY-LOGOAll of us here at ICONS OF FRIGHT are big fans of the work that Scream Factory has put into releasing some of the most obscure, out of print and/or hard to find horror films onto Dvd/Bluray. They take their time into putting out beautiful looking transfers of the films, and also devote a lot of time into putting together a load of special features that would please any collector’s needs. Even ICONS OF FRIGHT head honcho Rob G has contributed to some of those features (his commentary with Dick Warlock on Scream Factory’s HALLOWEEN 2 Bluray is one of my favorites).

Along with the current roster of upcoming titles that Scream Factory is getting ready to release, such as PHANTASM II, FROM BEYOND, LIFEFORCE and many more, one of the titles that I’m stoked as hell on, is the infamous 1977 film THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN. Complete with special effects by Rick Baker, the weird as hell film has become notorious with time, inspiring one of the best sequences in another film I hold in high regard, ROBOCOP. Though the official street date and full specs of the release haven’t been announced just yet, Scream Factory has now revealed the cover art for the Dvd/Bluray and it’s one of my favorite covers that they’ve done thus far.


I can’t wait to pick this one up when the Scream Factory gang releases it, what do you Fright Fiends think?

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