KILL! Fright-Rag’s Upcoming KISS Insipired Limited Edition Tees!


The best & most kickass horror t-shirt company around, Fright-Rags, is paying tribute to some horror & rock icons with their new Limited Edition t-shirts. Inspired by KISS’ platinum selling album Destroyer, KILL has Freddy, Chucky, Jason, & Leatherface striking a killer pose thank to Jason Edmiston’s equally killer art!

What’s super cool in particular about this Limited Edition is, for the first time, Fright-Rags is debuting the design onto baseball tees! You can check out how they’ll look below and you’ll be able to sang one yourself come March 19th!


7 thoughts on “KILL! Fright-Rag’s Upcoming KISS Insipired Limited Edition Tees!

  1. This is fantastic! While I also would have preferred Michael Myers to Chucky,it does add a little extra humor to the shirt so it’ fine. Freddy & Jason are there — that’s what matters 🙂

  2. i think it wudve been better if there was dead bodies piled up beneath them its still awesome but dead bodies wudve top it off

  3. One of the biggest FAILS of all time. Chucky instead of Michael Myers?!!! You had my cash in your hands and then you paint Chucky floating in the air?!

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