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I love monster movies. They have a power to them, to serve as a means to push characters into action and into facing things they wouldn’t normally face, whether it be the obvious danger from said monster, or the internal conflicts that they normally wouldn’t have the courage to address. That’s what made 2008’s CLOVERFIELD so enjoyable to me. Sure it was a film about a giant creature kicking New York in its balls pretty much, but even more than the monster, it was about the main character Rob’s choice that no matter what, he would find the girl who he messed things up with and make sure that even if they died, that she would know how he really felt. The creature served as a catalyst to make Rob do that. When monster movies do that, use the creature as an opponent that forces characters to act on things they normally wouldn’t, you can count me in any day of the week. Thankfully, Johannes Roberts’ STORAGE 24 does just that, succeeding in pretty much everything it set out to do.

STORAGE 24 follows Charlie (Noel Clarke from Neil Marshall’s entertaining CENTURION, and TV’s DOCTOR WHO), a man recently left by his girlfriend, who along with his buddy Mark (Colin O’Donoghue, THE RITE, TV’s THE TUDORS) heads to his storage unit to get some of his belongings. Mark continually tells Charlie that he needs to move on and get over his now-ex, Shelley, but Charlie is mad as hell and has no intention of letting it go. After getting to the storage, Charlie and Mark find Shelley and her friend Nikki going through the storage themselves, which makes the situation tense as hell, and after an explosion of sorts leaves the gang trapped inside the storage, serves as a way to push them into confronting each other and their unresolved issues.

Eventually the storage’s employees and other residents begin to drop like flies, and if that wasn’t bad enough, it’s revealed that the reason Shelley left Charlie was due to an affair that she and Mark have had behind Charlie’s back. It’s the combination of the affair and the monster, that forces us a viewers to challenge what he originally thought about the characters, and the film really does a switch on us. People that originally are able to draw you into the film,end up being completely self serving, stranding some of the other characters when the monster approaches. It really forces you to decide who’s wanting to save others and who’s only out for themselves.

Noel Clarke’s script (he also wrote the movie) really leads you on a journey with the characters and when the potential danger comes in the form of the creature, you really care about those characters. Like CLOVERFIELD‘s Rob and Beth, you really want Charlie to save Shelley, and to get out alive, and the fact that the creature is so well done (massive props to a mostly practical monster, only minimal CG work is done to its mouth), adds to an already tense film.


STORAGE 24 is a well done, completely entertaining ride, full of some really solid character development, impressive makeup fx work, and full of excellent performances. Definitely one of the better creature features to be released in a good while.

STORAGE 24 is available on DVD and Blu-Ray beginning March 12th via MAGNET RELEASING.

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