FRIGHT AT HOME: February 19th’s Blu-ray & DVD Releases


Happy new release day Fright-fans! I’m back with another edition of Fright At Home to give you the lowdown on February 19th’s video releases. This week sees a slew of cult films being upgraded to Blu-ray (THE NEST, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2), and in some cases making the transition from VHS to debuting on a disc based format for the first time (TERRORVISION, THE VIDEO DEAD, and PRISON)! Also hitting today is one of last years’ best horror film (SINISTER), and more than a few reissues (THE TERMINATOR, THE MONSTER SQUAD, THE RUNNING MAN, and HIGHLANDER 2) making their inevitable double dip.

Fright At Home: February 19th’s Blu-ray & DVD Releases

TerrorVision/The Video Dead (Scream Factory – BD/DVD Combo)

After years of requests, Scream Factory has answered the cry’s of cult fans with a double feature, BD/DVD combo pack release that comes loaded with bonus features. Not bad for a pair of films that were exclusive to VHS for decades! To boot, TERRORVISION is a horror/comedy gem that is unmistakably 80’s and chock full of babes, blood, and slime! THE VIDEO DEAD is by all means terrible, but oh-so cheesy and fun. We’ve waited a long time for this fiends, so rejoice and bask in the beauty of HD!

Prison (Scream Factory – Blu-ray)

Another once VHS bound favorite making it’s HD upgrade courtesy of Scream Factory is Renny Harlin’s majorly underrated supernatural-horror, PRISON! Heavy on atmosphere thanks to the titular setting, features a young Viggo Mortensen, gory effects from John Carl Buechler, and a quite memorable cameo from Kane Hodder! Scream Factory’s disc is touted as a Collector’s Edition, so expect a bevy of features to dive into!

The Nest (Scream Factory – BD/DVD Combo)

Flesh eating cockroaches! Vintage Roger Corman! What’s not to love? The third release this week from Scream Factory is THE NEST, which includes a fresh HD transfer and an all new Audio Commentary from director Terence H. Winkless!

Sinister (Summit/Lionsgate – Blu-ray)

SINISTER is one hell of a scary film, and made my Top 10 Horror Picks of 2012 (check that out here). Here’s a little of what I had to say: “a constant barrage of white-knuckle scares that made me literally jump out of my seat, and contemplate covering my eyes. SINISTER also features one of the most piss-yourself-inducing jump scares that takes some time recovering from. It’s that damn good.”

Here’s the rest of this weeks’ most notable releases!

One thought on “FRIGHT AT HOME: February 19th’s Blu-ray & DVD Releases

  1. Thanks for updating us on the new horror disk releases, Justin. I’ve been looking for a few good horror titles to watch with my son.  We rent all of our movies through our DISH Blockbuster @Home disk by mail service because they offer over 100,000 Blu-ray/DVD movies, TV shows and video games. That’s more than enough of a selection to keep my whole family entertained, but my son and I love it for the horror selection. I know he wants to see Sinister, so that’s going at the top of the queue, and I think I might get TerrorVision/The Video Dead too. 

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