Steven C. Miller debuts bloody as hell GRANNY short/promo!!

220px-Steven_C_Miller_on_SetIf there’s a filmmaker that has an eye for visual style, it’s Steven C. Miller. Since his debut, 2008’s AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION, Miller has carved a resume of films that has gotten more impressive with time. With the exception of SCREAM OF THE BANSHEE (I won’t speak of that here), I can definitely get on board with the stuff he does, including the recent SILENT NIGHT, and my personal favorite of his, THE AGGRESSION SCALE. Well, Miller has recently released GRANNY, a new short film he did, and I haven’t laughed so hard in a good while. Great stuff!

“This is a short film/promo piece I shot for Jamie Kennedy’s company. They had a feature script that execs had a very hard time understanding the tone, so they brought me on board. The feature is basically a very dark horror/comedy in the vein of Dead Alive and that is the tone I was going for in this short. I wanted it to be over the top and fun.
Shot in a few hours in a parking lot with the HVX-200 and 7D camera.”

What do you fright fiends think?

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