Fright Rags to release limited NEAR DARK shirt!!

near_darkGotta hand it to the crew at Fright Rags. They come out with some of the coolest horror movie shirts around, and the new Valentine’s announcement of theirs is definitely no exception.

Fright Rags has announced a special five-day limited release of a shirt for BY FAR one of the coolest vampire movies of all time, NEAR DARK!! Want to see the shirt? Here it is!:

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The preorder will go from 10:00pm (Eastern) Thursday, February 14th, to 10pm Monday, February 18th. After that, the shirt will no longer be available, so if you’re a NEAR DARK fan or just a fan of badass shirts in general, don’t hesitate to jump on this one.

For more info, check out the Pre-Order page.

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