BEYOND FRIGHT: Song Of The Week – MY VITRIOL “Grounded”

Greetings, musically inclined Fright fans! Been a while since I’ve posted a “Song Of The Week” entry, so apologies for that. Thought I’d come back with a fairly bizarre one that acts not only as a really good tune to crank & kick your weekend off with, but also it’s a wacky little short film written, directed and starring Vincent Gallo (The Brown Bunny, Buffalo ’66). I remember several years back when I worked for Tower Records, we’ve go to these presentation meetings with the big record labels to see what new artists they were excited about. Normally it consisted of the rep telling us a bit about the artist and then playing the first single off their record. But in the case of ‘My Vitriol‘, their bio notes featured a quote from DEFTONES frontman Chino Moreno calling them “the best band in the world” and we were presented with the following video, which is more of a short film starring famed cult director Vincent Gallo. I love ambiguous short stories like this, and I loved the song, so I’ve been a fan of the vastly underrated MY VITRIOL ever since.

Check out MY VITRIOL‘s “Grounded” from their album “Finelines“:

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