VHS Doc REWIND THIS! Ejects A New Trailer!

Growing up, nothing made me more excited than getting my allowance and rushing to one of the six or seven local video stores to spend it all on renting movies. The box art, the fun of sitting through the trailers before the movie, having to rewind them or being forced to pay a fee, just the thought of it all brings me a very nostalgic feeling.

Well, I’m obviously not alone in that feeling, because filmmaker Josh Johnson has made what looks to be a cinematic love letter to the VHS era entitled REWIND THIS! Those who are attending SXSW for the World Premiere will be the lucky first to see the film, which looks to be a information packed-loving ode to one of the most important formats to ever grace the Earth!

Check it out!

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Synopsis: “Home video changed the way the world consumed films. The cultural and historical impact of the VHS tape was enormous. REWIND THIS! is a documentary that traces the ripples of that impact by examining the myriad aspects of art,technology, and societal perceptions that were altered by the creation of videotape.

The film is the first feature length effort from Austin, TX based IPF Productions, with shooting locations all over North America and abroad, including a two week stint in Japan. The team has spoken to filmmakers, studios, archivists, rental chain operators, personal collectors and media experts to create an overview of the video era that is both informative and celebratory. The film will be released in 2013.”

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