THE TAINT To Infect Blu-ray Courtesy Of Troma, March 12th!


Troma, in conjunction with C.A.V. Distribution, is set to release the Drew Bolduc/Dan Nelson film THE TAINT onto DVD and Blu-ray, March 12th. Yeah, you read that right, THE TAINT. Personally, I’m a fan of some of Troma’s stuff, but mostly the stuff that they make themselves, the films they pick up and distribute are really hit or miss, with the exception of last year’s awesome Astron-6 film FATHER’S DAY, which potentially could’ve been a new era for Troma had they and Astron-6 ended their collaboration on good terms. With all of that being said though, THE TAINT actually looks pretty fun, from the retro-like cover to the synopsis, it definitely has that Troma feel.


Synopsis: “The water is tainted. The Taint poisons the minds of men. It turns them into raging misogynists: monsters who want nothing more than to crush women’s heads with rocks (or other objects). When society is transformed into a land of sadistic violence and horrible brutality, it is up to Phil O’Ginny and his hot friend, Misandra, to combat the horrible evil that is The Taint. Can they survive in a world brimming with castration and endless head crusing?!

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