Trick Or Treat Studios Releasing THEY LIVE Masks!

One of my favorite parts of John Carpenter’s 1988 scifi/horror-ish film THEY LIVE, is the look of the aliens that Roddy Piper sees when wearing his pair of sunglasses. I’ve always thought it was a disgusting yet appealing look they came up with for them, and as a kid I was continually on the look out for a mask from the film.

Well now it appears that Trick or Treat Studios have now announced a preorder for their upcoming masks for THEY LIVE. Finally!

Sculpted by Russ Lukich (HELLBOY & HELLBOY 2, SILENT HILL), these masks are officially licensed from Universal Studios, and look pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

Trick or Treat studios previously knocked it out of the park with amazing masks from HALLOWEEN II, HELLBOY and so on.



The masks for THEY LIVE, along with Trick or Treat Studios’ other masks can preordered/ordered HERE and HERE. Count me in, how about all of you?

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