Syanpse Films Bringing DEMONS, TENEBRAE, And PHENOMENA To Blu-ray!


Synapse Films broke exclusive word to Fangoria that they’ll be releasing Lamberto Bava’s DEMONS and DEMONS 2 onto Blu-ray, with HD editions of Dario Argento’s TENEBRAE and PHENOMENA to follow as well! All four films will be making their US high-definition debut, and should be hitting later this year.

Here’s what Synapse head honcho Don May Jr. had to say:

We’re getting better hi-def masters of TENEBRAE and PHENOMENA, and we’re fixing the timing and color errors that were in the previous Blu-rays of the DEMONS films. Right now, Calum Waddell and High Rising Productions are working on supplements for DEMONS and DEMONS 2. They’re putting together all kinds of stuff for us on those two, with the participation of Simon Boswell, Alan Jones, Federico Zampaglione and Roy Bava, and many more to be announced. We haven’t started on the TENEBRAE and PHENOMENA extras yet.”

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