Horror Convention Doc FANTASM Debuts Teaser Trailer!!!

215703_353432101422560_208951618_nOne film that we’re all anticipating is the horror convention documentary FANTASM. Being a pretty steady convention attendee, it’s awesome that horror fans are getting a doc devoted to what is by far the funnest parts of the year, when the conventions roll around. Director Kyle Kuchta apparently feels the same:

“For years, I’ve been a horror fan. I’m a VHS collector, a convention goer, and generally obsessive about horror films. The only thing I was missing as a young horror lover were people to share my love with.

That’s why I’m setting out to talk to some other die hard horror fans, collectors, convention coordinators, business owners, and actors/directors about “Why?” Why does the horror genre consume us the way it does? Why do we succumb and devote ourselves to such a thing? And why is it that when we meet other horror fans, that we have a connection far beyond what people realize?”
Check it out!

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