MONDO releases JAWS print!!!


All you poster collectors or just people who dig cool stuff in general, I have got some cool news for you! As if MONDO, the most badass folks at releasing limited prints of cult and popular films and now vinyl and vhs releases of classic horror films coldn’t do any better, they pull out the big guns. Today MONDO announced that at a random time tomorrow (January 17th), they will be releasing very limited prints for both Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic JAWS (!!) and his 1982 amazing alien adventure E.T.; I’m really loving the JAWS print, as it gives that calm before the storm angle to it.

Like everything else Mondo does, it will be at a random time and keep your refresh finger handy and pick those babies up!!

JAWS by Laurent Durieux
Limited to 525
24″ X 36″

ET by Mike Mitchell
Limited to 475
36″ X 24″

Head over to MONDO‘s site tomorrow to pick these up!!

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