TEXAS CHAINSAW Sequel Revs Up For 2014!

Leatherface’s return to the big screen was quite triumphant (depending on who you ask, my fellow Icons colleagues and I enjoyed the hell out of it) financially, raking in over $22+ million and becoming the #1 movie of it’s opening weekend! It’s no surprise that the team behind TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D is eager to recreate that success, so they’ve already begun prepping a sequel which will begin shooting later in the year!

So once again, the buzz will be back in 2014! What are some things you’d like to see in the latest incarnation? More practical gore FX courtesy of gore maestro’s KNB?? Seeing Bill Moseley (who cameo’d as The Cook in TC3D, read Smith’s exclusive interview with him here!) don the metal plate again as Chop Top? Sound off in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “TEXAS CHAINSAW Sequel Revs Up For 2014!

  1. Would like to see Chop-Top (played by Moseley) searching for his bro Leatherface.  I would LOVE to see the writers expalin all the continuity errors from this movie (the fact that Heather would have been 40, etc.). Maybe see Marilyln returns as SALLY this time. Lots of gruesome FX…more realistic looking rotting Leatherface masks, grave robbing, all that good stuff that made the original 74 version so goof.

  2. they really should continue the story with heather taking care of leatherface, like they ended it. its a perfect setup for that continuation. I like how they made the 2013 film modern. they should put the film present in 2014 time. the tcm will live on for many years. as long as they make em id love to see new movies…

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