Mondo To Release THE DEADLY SPAWN Soundtrack Vinyl!

It’s no secret that I’m a Mondo fan, as I wear my love for them proudly on my sleeve. My apartment is decorated wall to wall with their amazing prints, everything from Daniel Danger’s recent PSYCHO print to a print of MIMIC signed by Del Toro himself, I worship their stuff and I have no plans to refrain from obsessively collecting their prints/etc.

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Well as if their amazing limited prints weren’t enough, Mondo has extended their line to include a record label, releasing awesome vinyl releases of the soundtracks to William Lustig’s MANIAC and Lucio Fulci’s THE BEYOND last year and continuing that this year with a brand new remastered 180 gram vinyl release of the soundtrack to Douglas McKeown’s awesome 1983 alien film, THE DEADLY SPAWN. It comes in black and also a rare randomly inserted color variant designed to mimic the look of the monsters from the film. Best of all, it’s only $20!!!

FRONT BACK IMG_7953-copy

The artwork for the vinyl release is designed by Phantom City Creative, the design company responsible for these awesome limited prints:

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So if you’re a vinyl collector, a horror fan, a fan of what Mondo releases or just flat out into badass stuff, I’d highly recommend picking it up. If you aren’t familiar with the way Mondo works, here’s a quick run down to save you some heartache by missing out:
Mondo will release the info to their stuff the day before via their Twitter, then at a random time the next day they will announce it being on sale, and then GOOD LUCK! There have been MANY prints I have tried to buy the second they go on sale and by the time I have entered my info to buy it, they’ve sold out, so if you’re super stoked, jump on it asap tomorrow (JANUARY 4th) HERE. Keep your refresh finger handy, and good luck everyone!

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