Re-Enter THE TWILIGHT ZONE With New TV Reboot!


The legendary anthology series THE TWILIGHT ZONE is making a return to television under the direction of Bryan Singer, who did something similar this year with The Munsters reboot Mockingbird Lane. Let’s hope his re-brandishing of THE TWILIGHT ZONE makes it past the pilot stage, and becomes a worthy successor to the brilliant 1959 incarnation.

In terms of hosting, no one can come near the classic work Rod Serling did in front and behind the camera in the original incarnation, as evidenced in the two revival’s that followed in the mid-80s & early 2000s. It’s definitely way to early to guess who they have in mind to narrate the intro and outro’s, but they’ve certainly got their work cut out for them.

Anthologies are starting to become a hot commodity again thanks to recent hits on the small and big screen thanks to American Horror Story and V/H/S, so reviving the essential purveyor of the format seems like a no-brainer. A feature film has been in the works for years at Warner Bros., so hopefully 2013 becomes our chance to re-enter THE TWILIGHT ZONE!

2 thoughts on “Re-Enter THE TWILIGHT ZONE With New TV Reboot!

  1. I can’t see this reboot being a success.  You mentioned the last two, both of which failed to capture the essence of what made Serling’s version so great.  The reason for its brilliance was that it was the vision of three men, Serling, Richard Matheson, and Charles Beaumont, all geniuses in the realm of science fiction and fantasy.  If Singer could pull together those kind of forces, he’d be better than blessed.

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