BEYOND FRIGHT: Song Of The Week – THE MELVINS “Honey Bucket”

Late yet again on this “Song Of The Week” column, I know. But here I am! (Maybe I’ll switch it to Sunday so I can dub it as the “song to get your work week going”!)

Holy crap! Have I not had THE MELVINS here on “Song Of The Week”? Well, let’s rectify this immediately with “Honey Bucket” from their record “Houdini”. This is probably the fastest, most rockin’ tune in their discography and definitely a personal favorite of mine. And this video is pretty insane too. Crank it!!!

And while we’re at it, why don’t we check THE MELVINS performing “Honey Bucket” live from Amoeba Music in Hollywood, California back in 2008 with 2 drummers! (Pure madness!)

Last but not least, there was a Melvins tribute album released called “We Reach” and Dillinger Escape Plan did a cover of “Honey Bucket”. Check that out below!

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