BEYOND FRIGHT: Song Of The Week – DEFTONES “Tempest”

Man oh man am I lovin’ this new DEFTONES album “Koi No Yokan”. It’s one of those records I didn’t even know was coming until right before it came out, which is always the best. It’s like getting that extra gift under the tree a day before Christmas. And like with most records, it takes me a few listens to fully soak up what the band is doing. So on first listen, the new DEFTONES felt fairly familiar. Not as heavy as I normally expect, or at least there weren’t their trademark really heavy rockers on there like every album has. It consistently had the same mood from start to finish, so much so that it felt more organic to listen to it as a whole rather than individual tracks. And after a few spins, it finally clicked with me. I do recommend listening to it in it’s entirety  but for the sake of “Song Of The Week” here on Icons, I’m going to pick the track “Tempest”. It also wasn’t until I did a search for the song on You Tube that I realized it was the first single too. So as this weekend kicks off, hopefully the more sensible of our readers are doing their Black Friday shopping on-line and from the comfort of their own home, we recommend you crank this sucker loud and rock out. Enjoy!

Bonus: A live version of “Tempest”!

And while we’re at it, how ’bout one more track from the new album? Here’s my 2nd favorite track, “Leathers”. Check it:

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