A Hint Of TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D’s Link To The Original!

If you’re still a bit unsure of the upcoming TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D flick which arrives in theaters January 4th, and trust me, I can understand your concern from the first few clips and images that have surfaced on-line (the teenage characters in this one are insufferable)  but alas, you can take some solace in the direct connection to Tobe Hooper’s original. Rumor has it, the film not only opens with footage from the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, but literally picks up on the next beat immediately after Sally Hardesty rides off in the back of that pick-up truck and leaves Leatherface angrily swinging his chainsaw in the middle of the road. And now we’ve got a little hint of that opening via this teaser newspaper clipping that surfaced on the official Facebook page earlier today. Click the image above for a better look. Below are some close ups. Pretty cool, huh?

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