First Clip From Korean Sequel THE HOST 2!

Whoa! We had heard rumblings of a sequel to the 2006 Korean monster movie hit THE HOST for a while now, but things got quiet as of last year. Now, it looks like THE HOST 2 is done! And while we have no idea who was behind the director’s chair for this follow-up (Joon-ho Bong, the director of the first just finished his first English language film SNOWPIERCER so it’s doubtful it’s him), a clip of one cool sequence has made it’s debut on-line. And at the end of the clip, there’s a cool little “before” and “after” split screen showing the evolution of the visual EFX for this one scene. Really cool stuff. And as fans of the original flick, we’re stoked for THE HOST 2! Have a peek for yourself below. What do you guys think?

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