No, it’s not Friday yet so this isn’t a “Song Of The Week” post, but regardless of that, we’re still going to hit you with some kick-ass music! And the new music video from Long Island natives VISION OF DISORDER is cause for celebration and warrants a mention here. If you’ve been with Icons Of Fright since the early days back in 2004 then you’d know that myself and Icons co-creator Mike C are both based out of Long Island, New York and for me personally, I always took great pride is seeing some of the great musicians and bands emerge from our stomping grounds. One of theĀ pioneersĀ that paved the way with their perfect blend between New York-style hardcore and metal were the 5 piece outfit known as Vision Of Disorder, VOD for short. And after a lengthy hiatus, they’re finally back with a new album titled “The Cursed Remain Cursed.” Below is their newest music video for the track “Hard Times” which just debuted earlier this week. But hell, if we’re going to share their latest music video, we thought we’d might as well hit you with 3 (!) music videos instead of just one. After that is their first video from their new album “Set To Fail” and finally at the end of this post, you’ll find some vintage VOD with a live version of the track “Element” from their first self titled CD. Check ’em out, crank ’em loud and enjoy!

The first video single from ‘The Curses Remain Cursed’ “Set To Fail”:

Last but not least, a live version of “Element”:

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