EVIL DEAD Poster Boasts A Majorly Bold Claim!

The first teaser poster for EVIL DEAD, Fede Alvarez’s reimagining of Sam Raimi’s horror classic, has debuted online, and it’s equally minimal as it is bold. Nowadays, posters come slathered with pull quotes from some bonehead critic saying ignorant stuff like “it’s Dawn of the Dead meets (insert completely unrelated film)” or “it scared me so bad I chewed my tongue off”, instead of something with substance. Leave it to the folks behind EVIL DEAD to out right declare that their film will be “the most terrifying film you will ever experience”! Not only does it homage one of the best tagline’s in horror film history, but it bluntly states that everyone involved with the film truly believes in it, and they want to scare the living hell out of you. Count me in!

We’ll be able to judge for ourselves when EVIL DEAD opens April 12th, 2013!

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