The DEXTER “Blood Theme” Alaska In Winter Remix!

As a die-hard fan of Showtime’s DEXTER and an appreciator of score music in general (see or better yet hear proof of that HERE and HERE), I happen to be a huge fan of the musical landscape created for the series by composer Daniel Licht. While Rolfe Kent may have come up with that catchy and quirky little opening title music for DEXTER, I think it’s the work of Licht during all 7 seasons, in particular “Blood Theme” that defines the show and makes it as epic as it is. I had an even bigger appreciation for Licht’s work after he was a guest on episode 5 of the official DEXTER podcast show “DEXTER: WRAP-UP” (a show I produce and engineer) for Showtime. (Download that HERE.)

What struck me were the specific themes he created for each season’s “big bad” villain and the process he goes through to get there. He played us some fairly operatic materical for Season 6’s Doomsday Killer, which by nature called for those types of themes, so I’ve been eagerly awaiting picking up the soundtrack for Season 6, which just came out a few short weeks ago. I finally sat down to listen to it last night and came across this final track; a remix of the infamous “Blood Theme” by Alaska In Winter. It’s just so darned fantastic that I knew I had to share it here too. Check out both a You Tube version of it (thanks You Tube user ZoukiColdplay) and a Soundcloud version of it, the latter being the better sounding. And for good measure, the original “Blood Theme” is at the very end of this article. Enjoy!

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