It’s Showtime! BEETLEJUICE Cartoon Headed to DVD From Shout Factory!

Just yesterday, Icons head honcho RobG wrote up a piece dedicated to children’s cartoons spawned from the most unlikeliest of films (including Robocop, The Toxic Avenger, check that out here for a nostalgia rush!), one of which included Tim Burton’s BEETLEJUICE! A good majority of these cartoon’s have not made the transfer over to DVD, with only a couple episodes of BEETLEJUICE having been included on the film’s Blu-ray release. Someone over at Shout! Factory must have read our article, because they’ve just announced that they’ve acquired the rights from Warner Bros. to release the entire series onto DVD for the first time!

I was equally terrified & fascinated with BEETLEJUICE growing up, and I vaguely remember catching the cartoon airing on Cartoon Network every so often. Was anyone else a fan of the series as a kid? I know I’m excited to take another look at it once this hits DVD in 2013!

Featuring the voice talent of Stephen Ouimette, Alyson Court, Roger Dunn and Elizabeth Hanna, BEETLEJUICE is the highly popular animated series adaptation of Tim Burton’s hit movie that ran successfully on television from 1989 – 1992. The series follows the imaginative adventures of Beetlejuice and human teenager Lydia Deetz in Neitherland.


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  1. I too remember watching this on Cartoon Network.  I loved it.  It would be shown around the same time as “Courage the Cowardly Dog” – another one of my favorites.

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