BEYOND FRIGHT – Can You Believe THESE Were All Saturday Morning Cartoons?!

Several months ago, I was working on a movie review of the Jim Carrey flick THE MASK for the Amoeba website movie blog “Movies We Like”. (I’d link to it, but my review section over there is currently down. HERE is the link for future reference though!) As I was revisiting the movie and prepping my review, I suddenly had a vague memory of a cartoon version of THE MASK. Hmm… a quick You Tube search later confirmed it. There was in fact a cartoon of THE MASK and not only that, but ACE VENTURA too. Not only was there a cartoon for two different Jim Carrey movies, but there was even an episode of THE MASK in which Ace Ventura was the guest star!?! On a whim, I typed in DUMB AND DUMBER into You Tube and to my shock, there was a cartoon version of that too! It got me thinkin’. What other movies that I grew up on and have also spawned Saturday morning cartoons? I mean, Ace Ventura had a lot of perverted humor, so it’s kinda funny that they’d made a “kids” show out of it. Let’s see what other wacky (and in some cases inappropriate) movies became cartoons!

Why don’t we start out with the Jim Carrey stuff I mentioned at the top of this article. Let’s have a look at the opening titles of THE MASK. This was based on the movie version which was much lighter in tone than the version that was in the Dark Horse Comics. The animated series ran for 3 season between 1995-1997 and clocked in a total of 54 episodes! Smokin’!

And here’s the opening to ACE VENTURA, which also pulled off 3 seasons:

BONUS: Watch the episode where THE MASK meets ACE VENTURA right HERE! Talk about getting meta!

And one last Jim Carrey inspired cartoon (if you can believe this one!) The short lived DUMB AND DUMBER which managed 13 episodes for one season:

As a big fan of 80’s movies, one of my all time favorites has to be TEEN WOLF. No not that crappy tween version on MTV, but the original 1985 cult classic starring Michael J. Fox. And not only did it spawn a sequel TEEN WOLF TOO in 1987, but there was in fact an animated series too! Here’s the opening for that one. Side-note, BACK TO THE FUTURE also had an animated show. Watch that intro HERE!

Another one of my favorites from the 80’s is THE KARATE KID. No, no, not that nonsense with Will Smith’s kid, but the original with Daniel Larusso (Ralph Macchio!) who moved from Jersey to Reseda and befriended the bad-ass Mister Miyagi (Pat Morita). There couldn’t possibly be a cartoon of that movie, right? Well, bless You Tube. Here’s the opening to THE KARATE KID, the animated series, which to the best of my knowledge only lasted one season with 13 episodes back in 1989.

I remember my brother taking me to see the original ROBOCOP and about 30 minutes into the movie, I could tell he totally regretted that decision. (Don’t worry, I still managed to convince him to take me to see ROBOCOP 2 a few years later.) The first ROBOCOP was (after all) one of the most insanely violet films I’d ever seen at that point and I was only 11! And one of the things that stuck with me was the over-the-top murder of Alex Murphy. So who in their right mind could’ve ever predicted that there would be a cartoon version of ROBOCOP. And not only that, but that violet murder I just mentioned is in this animated opening (well, as a flash of light but it’s still horrific!) Alas, maybe concerned parents actually agreed. It only lasted one season with 12 episodes, but way later, there were several made-for-TV movies as well.

Holy crap! So HBO has this incredibly successful horror anthology show based upon the classic EC Comics on their network called TALES FROM THE CRYPT for 7 full seasons. And then… they decide to do 3 seasons of an animated version?! Considering the uproar that the original comics caused with parent groups, it’s kind of ironic that it would end up in Saturday morning cartoon form with TALES FROM THE CRYPTKEEPER! Get a sample below!

Here’s another baffling one, fright fans. So Troma makes it’s landmark horror splatter film THE TOXIC AVENGER. It’s got sex, boobs & violence. The lead character/superhero dispatches of villains by literally tearing them apart limb from limb. The main bad guys (and gals) of the film spend their nights running over children in their car for points! And someone actually thought… animated series! THE TOXIC CRUSADERS seems more like it was trying to captiolize on the popularity of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES with the odd heroesque mutant-like characters (and villains) but it still baffles my mind that this even existed, for 13 episodes plus a TV movie! Hell, it’s better than the sequels and it does have a catchy-as-hell theme song!

They made a cartoon version of RAMBO, ya know based on the ultra hard R FIRST BLOOD? That’s… that’s all I got.

Other notable mentions of course –


If you do a few searches on You Tube, you’ll be able to find full episodes of all of the above.

Do you remember any other highly inappropriate cartoons based on movies? Sign off below!

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