Want To See A Sequel To BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA? Lo Pan Style?

If you’re on this site, then no doubt you’re just as big a fan of John Carpenter as we are. And while he rarely ever sequelized his own properties, one of his flicks that we wish got a sequel was his now cult-classic BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA. Well, we’re not the only ones that thought that apparently! This You Tube video titled “Lo Pan Style”, a Gangnam Style Parody recently surfaced and gives us a humorous glimpse at what could have happened following the events of Carpenter’s film. In fact, I first heard about this through a friend that told me Carpenter himself played it before a recent screening of BIG TROUBLE so the director has seen it an apparently approves! A lot of different peeps were involved in the creation of this thing, so hit up the original You Tube link HERE for the full credits. In the meantime, enjoy Lo Pan Style below. As the You Tube description states “Our Tribute to the Greatest movie of All Time and the Greatest music video of Our Time: John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China and PSY’s Gangnam Style”. Oh and go “like” James Hong’s Facebook page while you’re at it too!

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