THE EVIL DEAD Remake Trailer Cut To The Original Movies!

One of the things I love that You Tube users do these days is to take brand new movie trailers for remakes and re-cutting the audio to match footage from original movies. One of my favorite examples was from several years ago; From The Morgue “de-moderized” the first teaser trailer to Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN and edited it to footage from John Carpenter’s immortal classic! (Don’t worry, I’ll post that at the end of this article.)

Well, personally I dig that new trailer for THE EVIL DEAD which arrives in theaters April 12th, 2013. But it’s fun to see a new version of that trailer using footage solely from the original EVIL DEAD and EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN. Check it out below and see what I mean:

Cool, right? Now how ’bout that HALLOWEEN trailer I mentioned at the top of this article?

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