Scream Factory Announces SCANNERS II and III For DVD!!!

Whoa! Scream Factory has already proven to be the most fan friendly new horror DVD company out there, especially with their weekly Friday announcements via their official Facebook page. Today’s titles however hold a special place in my heart. I love David Cronenberg as much as the next genre fan, but SCANNERS was never a personal fave. Sure I love it, but I love THE DEAD ZONE, THE BROOD, even VIDEODROME a bit better. I do however unapologetically love the SCANNERS sequels. (There’s 5 of them!!!) I already own the import UK DVD boxed set of SCANNERS 1-3 that Anchor Bay UK put out several years back and I also have VHS copies of SCANNER COP (SCANNERS 4) and SCANNERS: THE SHOWDOWN (aka SCANNER COP 2!), which is the only way those are available.

Today’s Scream Factory announcement is proper US DVD releases of SCANNERS 2 and SCANNERS 3: THE SHOWDOWN! SCANNERS 3 is my favorite of the franchise. It’s kinda like an X-MEN movie if all the mutants had the same power which is to blow up people’s heads. Plus it’s got the unbelievably foxy (and foreign) Liliana Komorowska (pictured below). So let’s cross our fingers for some new special features on this double bill! No release date yet other than sometime in 2013, but we’ll keep you posted!

No seriously, look at this pure madness!

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