Halloween Horror Short Round-Up! AJ Bowen in MEAT & More!

Happy Halloween, Fright Fiends! We’re sure you’ve got plenty of fun & spooky things planned for your day and you’ve probably got a stack of your favorite horror movies sitting in your living room for later tonight, BUT some really cool short films have surfaced just in time for the holiday and we couldn’t NOT share these goodies with ya!

First up, Drew Daywalt is back with a surprising tale of 2 truckers and… well, a unicorn? Starring AJ Bowen and Ed Ackerman, check out MEAT!

How ’bout a double dose of Bowen?! The actor also did a short film titled NO WAY WAY, a very surreal experimental story directed by Kristoffer Aaron Morgan and written by Eric Vespe (Quint from Ain’t It Cool News!)! It made it’s on-line debut yesterday so we thought we’d embed it below:

How ’bout something specifically catered to Halloween? In this short from writer/director Shane Leary, Trent Haaga explains why you shouldn’t be SMASHING PUMPKINS ¬†on Halloween! (And gives FRIDAY THE 13TH’s Crazy Ralph a run for his money!)

Last but not least, Fright friend and filmmaker Mike Williamson just uploaded one of his early horror films from over 10 years ago! It’s making it’s on-line debut just in time for this Halloween, so below check out SILVERGLEAM WHISTLE!

SILVERGLEAM WHISTLE from Mike Williamson on Vimeo.


There ya have it fiends! Have a safe and happy HALLOWEEN!!!

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