Just In Time For Halloween, Eric England Brings Us TRICK OR TREATER: PART 2!

Halloween is the best time for horror shorts to be released from some of our favorite directors online and this year isn’t any different.  A few weeks back, we shared Adam Green’s new short: HALLOWEEN Deleted Scene.   And just in time for Halloween, friend of the site, writer/director Eric England (MADISON COUNTY, CONTRACTED, ROADSIDE) has released a follow up to his Halloween short from last year entitled TRICK OR TREATER.

In part 1, Katie Stegeman (CONTRACTED, ROADSIDE) and Ace Marrero (MADISON COUNTY, ROADSIDE) starred as a couple who get terrorized by a murderous pumpkin.  Well, the maniac gourd has returned this year for TRICK OR TREATER: PART 2! This time, it looks like the killer pumpkin has set his sights on a rather douchey Fat Neil aka Charley Koontz (COMMUNITY, RUBBER).  It gets a bit gory and is a bit unsafe for work viewing but definitely worth a view.

Produced by both Eric England and Matt Mercer (MADISON COUNTY, CONTRACTED), this one ups the ante significantly from the first.  Honestly, I can’t wait to see what this crazy pumpkin will do next year!

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