BEYOND FRIGHT: Song Of The Week – TV ON THE RADIO “Wolf Like Me”

Happy Friday, Fright Fiends! Halloween is almost upon us so I want to stick with spooky themes for the song of the week picks this month, and here’s one that I absolutely love and I think is fitting.  Let me explain.  As someone that grew up with The Wolf Man as my favorite Universal Monster, I think we should dedicate this week’s pick “Wolf Like Me” by TV ON THE RADIO to him as well as all the big bad wolves in cinematic horror history! Kick off your weekend right and crank this tune nice and loud!

And while we’re at it, check out this live version which is equally intense! Someone should edit the werewolf transformation in AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON to this song!

And last but not least, last week I attached our friend Sean Keller doing a Misfits cover, so in keeping with the acoustic cover theme, Sean also did this bad-ass version of “Wolf Like Me”. Enjoy!

Previous song of the week selections:
– Suicide Silence “Slaves To Substance”
– Soundgarden “Live To Rise”
– Megadeth “Go To Hell”
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– Ministry “Just One Fix”
– The Ramones “Pet Cemetery”
– Testament “Souls Of Black”
– Impending Doom “Deceiver”
– Helmet “In The Meantime”
– Slayer “Threshold”
– Anthrax “Only”
Sebadoh “Skull” & The Misfits “Skulls”

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