Elijah Wood Brings MANIAC Remake To Cinefamily in LA!

As skeptical of some reboots as I am, one upcoming film that I’m very anxious to see is the Elijah Wood starring remake of MANIAC, the 1980 horror classic directed by William Lustig. Being a huge fan of the original, and the insanity that Lustig along with writer/star Joe Spinell created, I really didn’t feel like it needed to be touched. With that being said, any reservations I originally had upon hearing about it was being remade were instantly put to rest when I watched the trailer for the film, and boy does it look gnarly. Initially hearing that Elijah Wood was cast as Frank Zito, the deranged Serial Killer, gave me a pretty serious case of WTF?, but after that trailer and hearing that it was produced by Alexandre Aja (HIGH TENSION, PIRANHA 3D, THE HILLS HAVE EYESremake) color me anxious.

So with all of that, it’s definitely exciting that one of LA’s great theaters, CINEFAMILY in conjunction with NIGHTMARE CITY, is screening the remake on the 24th of this month with both Elijah Wood and the film’s director, Franck Khalfoun in attendance. There will also be a special Q&A with both Wood and Khalfoun and a small afterparty also at Cinefamily directly following the film.

Tickets are $12 for non-members/Free for members of Cinefamily. For more info, head over to CINEFAMILY

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