JOHN CARPENTER attending special TRIBUTE screening of HALLOWEEN on 35mm!

There aren’t many things that make me as excited as JOHN CARPENTER‘s classic 1978 masterpiece, HALLOWEEN. It’s by far my favorite film of all time, and I hold it in regards on par with my children (well maybe not, but you get the idea..I love it). Another thing that I’m pretty obsessed with is collecting limited posters. The walls in my apartment are covered with them, mostly MONDO posters that I’ve been lucky enough to get. So, the news of a team-up between the two has made my day a great one.

On the 27th of this month (October) my favorite theater in the world,The NEW BEVERLY, will be hosting a special 35MM screening of HALLOWEEN as part of a film festival tribute to the late DEBRA HILL. HILL produced many of CARPENTER’s great films, along with many other greats before her passing in 2005. Other than just the fact that the proceeds with go to the DEBRA HILL FELLOWSHIP, which is the largest charitable grant given exclusively to upcoming producers, there are MANY reasons to attend this rare event.

Attending the screening will the man himself, JOHN CARPENTER, which isn’t something that happens very often. It’s incredibly rare to have Carpenter attend events like this (or the PRINCE OF DARKNESS screening this coming week at SCREAMFEST) , so that alone is a reason to jump at the opportunity to watch in my opinion, the GREATEST FILM OF ALL TIME with one of the greatest horror directors of all time..but it doesn’t stop there.

MONDO will be be including VERY LIMITED NUMBERED posters with the admission. If you aren’t familiar with MONDO, then do yourself a favor and check out and prepare to have your mind blown. There’s nothing like holding a really awesome silk-screened poster that is limited to whatever event or run that MONDO chooses, and I’m sure the poster for HALLOWEEN will be equally as cool as MONDO‘s previous works.

Tickets for the event are $100, which initially might sound a bit steep but take in mind that it’s going to a great cause, and as I unfortunately know, MONDO posters alone end up being sold online for well over $300 (!!) at times, so it’s a win-win situation. PLUS, watching a 35MM print of HALLOWEEN with JOHN CARPENTER, how cool is that? For film junkies like myself and I’m sure many of you as well, seeing great classic films on film as opposed to digital is always more enjoyable.

Another option, which might seem even a little on the pricey side, is the VIP option for the event. The VIP option runs for $500 and includes a meet and greet with CARPENTER, the MONDO poster and also a special exclusive VARIANT poster as well. So if you’ve been saving your allowances for a while, not bad.


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