Scott Ian Takes Us Into Greg Nicotero’s KNB EFX’s Studio In This Episode Of Fangoria’s Blood And Guts!

If I wasn’t in the Halloween spirit before, I definitely am now!  And it’s all thanks to this brand spanking new video brought to you by our friends at Fangoria and Nerdist!

In this series premiere episode of ‘Fangoria’s Blood And Guts’, Anthrax’s Scott Ian spends the day with FX Legend Greg Nicotero in the KNB EFX GROUP’s Studio.  The sheer magnitude of horror film props this guy has in his collection is something to be seen.  From CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON to PHANTASM and of course THE WALKING DEAD, this video has everything a horror nerd would want.   And yes, that includes blood and guts.  Obviously.

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