FRIGHT AT HOME: October 2nd’s Blu-ray & DVD Releases

Welcome back to FRIGHT AT HOME, your weekly release date guide to must-own home video releases! Now that we’re into the second day of October, there’s no doubt that everyone has started the beginnings of a horror-thon. For those who haven’t, fear not as today sees the release of a smorgasbord of classic horror & genre films hitting Blu-ray for the first time, most of which will keep you busy the entire month! Even if you’ve mapped your schedule of films, be prepared to add a tons more to the “to-watch” pile since you’ll want to purchase these ASAP. Because as my Grandmother used to say, you can never have enough horror in your life*! Check out the list of releases below (each include Amazon links!) and get to watchin’!

*Editors Note: I’m not sure if my Grandmother was talking about horror movies or not when she said that, but I’d like to think she was. Senility works in mysterious ways.

Fright At Home: October 2nd’s Blu-ray & DVD Releases

Ghouls & Gals, this is why Blu-ray was invented. Included are 8 classic Universal monster films (10 if you count the Spanish version of Dracula and Creature of the Black Lagoon in 3D!), a 44-page booklet, and 8 poster art cards which are all housed in a gorgeous digipack. It’s worth noting this is the UK boxset, which is substantially cheaper (importing this will only run you about $58!) than the stateside set. Reviews have shown that the transfers for the films are pristine; it’s clear that one should not be without this collection during the days leading up to All Hallows Eve!

After a standalone release of the original, and a double feature release of Freddy’s Revenge & Dream Warriors, the entire franchise has finally made it’s way to Blu-ray in a complete collection. However, this is a $45 Best Buy Exclusive (until January 5th 2013), so if you want this you’ll have to make a trek on over to the brick & mortar store (or to Best Buy’s website, hit the link above!) to grab yours. That’s one hell of a deal for 7 films, hours’ worth of bonus features, and even an exclusive bonus disc! Plus, you’ll now be able to blast the sweet tunes provided by Dokken & Dramarama in DTS-HD MA 5.1! A major selling point for any Blu-ray release!

Mary Lambert’ terrifying adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name, if you’re a fan there’s no convinving needed here. Also available in HD on Instant Watch for streaming Netflix subscribers

Yeah, yeah, this isn’t “horror” per-say, but it’s freaking Masters of the Universe on Blu-ray! I’d feel dirty by not mentioning it’s arrival onto the shiny format. It has crazy amounts of 80’s costuming throughout and a nightmarish looking Skeltor. Also, because it’s a Cannon film, based on a terrible cartoon, and stars Dolph Lundgren. ‘Nuff said.

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