victimMichael Biehn is no stranger to adversaries. He’s fictionally gone up against Arnold (James Cameron’s 1984 action classic, The Terminator), Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday (The 1993 western masterpiece Tombstone), and just about everyone else under the sun. His career thus far has spanned decades, and he’s dabbled in pretty much every genre possible (even the religious fare with Megiddo: The Omega Code 2), so when I heard that he was going to direct his first film, naturally I was pretty excited and anxious. He’s always been intense in everything he’s done, so I was pretty stoked to see how that would translate to directing as well. In the two years since, he has shot his film The Victim, travelled the world promoting it, signed a six-figure deal with Anchor Bay to release it and is showing zero signs of stopping.

I jumped at the chance to interview Michael and his co-star/producing partner and wife, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn at the DVD/Bluray release signing hosted by my favorite store around, Dark Delicacies. Michael and Jennifer were nice enough to talk in depth about the experience making The Victim, along with a recent favorite of mine, Xavier Gens’ The Divide (if you haven’t seen it yet, do it, it’s a great film).

So there you are, any thoughts? What are all of you readers’ favorite Michael Biehn roles? I’m a massive fan of the first Terminator, so Kyle Reese wins the title for me.
As always, thanks to Dark Delicacies for lettings us use up a few minutes for the signing. Always appreciated.



THE VICTIM is now available on DVD/Bluray via Anchor Bay.