BEYOND FRIGHT: Song Of The Week – SLAYER “Threshold”

I gotta get personal and be honest with you folks for a minute. I love the horror community. I love nothing more than having been able to talk about these types of films that I love with intelligent and articulate fellow fans since we created Icons Of Fright way back in 2004 (almost a decade ago), but sometimes I skim through the comments on some of our more modern articles and while I’m good at just ignoring them (for the most part), there’s nothing worse than getting insulting comments from people accusing us of things like “you don’t know what you’re talking about!” or reading things like “must be a slow news day”.

I can only imagine those are people clicking on here for the first time whom are completely unaware of all the little things we’ve done for the horror community these last 9 years for no other reason than our love of the genre. Ya know, the 200 plus extensive, timeless interviews that are available on our Interview Index page for all to enjoy whenever they want. The “pirate commentaries” which we recorded with various filmmakers and have offered for FREE since the major movie studios refuse to give proper credit to the movies we hold so near & dear. Creating a whole darned documentary (THE PSYCHO LEGACY) from scratch to give love to the underrated and underappreciated PSYCHO sequels. But alas, none of that is good enough for some people. Instead they have to bitch about some silly picture of Chucky, which in actuality it was just something to pair up the press release on the start of production.

Point being, we don’t have to do any of this. We do it because we love the genre and we love the fellow fans. And for me personally, I’m grateful to those that have supported us over the years; whom have been active on our Facebook and Twitter pages, who’ve appreciated our interviews, commentaries and articles. You guys make it all worthwhile.

For the internet trolls? I’m thankful for Slayer. They make it easier to deal with you.

Previous song of the week selections:
– Suicide Silence “Slaves To Substance”
– Soundgarden “Live To Rise”
– Megadeth “Go To Hell”
– Alice In Chains “Them Bones”
– Ministry “Just One Fix”
– The Ramones “Pet Cemetery”
– Testament “Souls Of Black”
– Impending Doom “Deceiver”
Helmet “In The Meantime”

2 thoughts on “BEYOND FRIGHT: Song Of The Week – SLAYER “Threshold”

  1. FINALLY, Rob G, you get to Slayer!  And you didn’t go the popular route either.  Good for you.

    All I can say is I never would’ve met Mike C if not for Slayer, and the three of us started my journey into the world of net horror writing because of Kerry King and co.  I applaud you and your “you’re either on my side or else you’re in my way” attitude to those who leave comments.  Bravo.

    Keep that attitude as you travel South of Heaven!

    Be cool,


  2. Ha! Thanks Phil. I had a feeling you’d appreciate this particular Slayer tune. And I’m glad we’re on this journey in part because of our mutual love of Slayer!!!

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