THE BATES MOTEL TV Series Finds It’s “Mother”!

There have been many attempts over the years to bring back Norman Bates and the iconic Bates Motel, but it looks like we finally have a brand new series to look forward to courtesy of A&E early next year and it’ll premiere with a 10 episode first season. It looks like the series has officially found it’s “mother”!

Actress Vera Farmiga is attached to play Norma Louise Bates in the upcoming series THE BATES MOTEL. The Oscar nominated actress for UP IN THE AIR also appeared in genre flicks ORPHAN and JOSHUA, as well as THE DEPARTED, RUNNING SCARED, SOURCE CODE and SAFE HOUSE. Her inclusion in the series shows serious confidence to the material on A&E’s part and it should make for an interesting interpretation of the iconic character as previously played by Olivia Hussey in PSYCHO IV: THE BEGINNING.

If you’re curious just how different this version will be, then you should head over to THIS article on Shock Till You Drop since it seems they got an early peek at the pilot script. While a lot of this seems radical, it’s out of context for what the entire season will be like. So let’s wait and see until we see some footage, shall we? It seems the early “TWIN PEAKS meets SMALLVILLE” description is fairly accurate judging from this early look at the script. Next up, who will play 16 year old Norman Bates???

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