HALLOWEEN II & III Soundtrack Vinyls Coming From Death Waltz Records!

Listen up soundtrack enthusiasts of the vinyl variety! Death Waltz Recording Co. is a newly established, UK based soundtrack label “dedicated to releasing cult ,horror and, exploitation scores in high quality collectors vinyl packages”. So far the label has released stellar editions (that include newly commissioned art, liner notes, and posters!) of Zombi 2, Let The Right One In, Donnie Darko, Escape From New York, and Prince of Darkness! That’s just the tip of the iceberg, it get’s even better!

Pre-Orders just went up for limited vinyl editions of John Carpenter & Alan Howarth’s hypnotic scores of HALLOWEEN II and HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH! These babies are limited to 400 and will run about $30 each, so act fast! Check out the glorious Cover Art for the packages below that will surely leave you and your wallet drooling!

Halloween II
Release Date: October 1st

“John Carpenter and Alan Howarth managed to do something not many people have been able to do with their score to Halloween II. They managed to take the blueprint of the first films score and make it bigger, darker and nerve shreddingly intense. Synths wail and stutter as the score progresses to the point where you feel your head might implode from the oncoming onslaught. This score really should be played late at night with all of the lights out.”

  • Exclusive New artwork from Brandon Schaefer.
  • Liner notes by Alan Howarth & Brandon Schaefer.
  • Ltd edition on Black & Orange colour in colour effect vinyl.


Halloween III: Season of the Witch
Release Date: October 1st

You have to bow down before John Carpenter & Alan Howarth. Their score for Halloween III is so far ahead of it’s time it’s mind boggling. Halloween III is a tour de force of experimental synth tones, intense melodies and dark brooding mood pieces. This is one of my favourite scores of all time and I am honored to have the chance to release it.

  • Exclusive New artwork from Jay Shaw.
  • Liner notes by Alan Howarth & Jay Shaw.
  • Ltd edition on Black & Orange colour in colour effect vinyl.

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