Mario Bava’s BLACK SUNDAY And More Coming To Blu-ray From Kino/Redemption Sept 18th!

The beginning of this year home video label Kino partnered with Redemption Films and has since been reissuing remastered Blu-ray & DVDs of some of the finest and trashiest Euro films to ever grace the screen and now, in some cases for the first time in America! Chock full of Bonus Features, Kino/Redemption has been pumping these releases out non-stop every month with much focus going towards lavish releases dedicated to the films of Jean Rollin (The Nude Vampire, Fascination, etc). To be blunt, these are most-own discs fellow cult enthusiasts and you shouldn’t hesitate to add these to your collection.

Kino/Redemption recently just made a major announcement concerning a library acquisition of a certain Italian filmmaking legend; Mario Bava! Come September 18th, horror classics like BLACK SUNDAY, HATCHET FOR THE HONEYMOON and a double feature containing THE HOUSE OF EXORCISM/LISA AND THE DEVIL will be making their way to Blu-ray & DVD respectively. A full release of Bonus Features hasn’t been detailed yet, but Audio Commentaries and hallmark Booklets can be expected!

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