Short Film Review: THE OTHER SIDE (2012)

Roughly a week ago, Icons Of Fright was contacted by directing duo The Santoro Brothers with their much buzzed about short film THE OTHER SIDE. After hemming and hawing a bit, I was finally able to set aside the necessary 20 minutes to view the piece and I’m glad I did. Currently making the rounds on the festival circuit (recently being picked up for this year’s Screamfest LA), the film didn’t fail to entertain.

Synopsis:When fresh-faced nanny Sophie (Jennie Jacques) arrives at her new job on a creaky farm in the English countryside, caretaker James (Nick Moran) is struggling to provide for his family and wife Rachel (Amelia Warner) is unable to cope with the demands of her newborn baby. As night falls on the secluded farmhouse, a sinister intruder invades the property, unraveling a night of gruesome bloodshed and unprecedented terror. Who is behind it? What do they want? Can anybody escape alive?

THE OTHER SIDE is a product of an impressive array of talent. The cast is made up of Nick Moran (LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELs), Amelia Warner (MANSFIELD PARK, AEON FLUX) and Jennie Jacques (SHANK, CHERRY TREE LANE). On top of that, the crew on the production carries vast experience in works that range from THE SHINING, to KICK ASS, to SAVING PRIVATE RYAN.

The Santoro Brothers succeed early on in creating an impending sense of dread that ultimately carries the film to it’s twist ending. Let’s not forget the role of Paul Davis (BEWARE THE MOON: REMEMBERING AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONGDON) as Death Face. It’s always a pleasure to view a masked on screen killer when done right(Even if he does remind me of a combination of John Carpenter’s and Rob Zombie’s Michael Myers). Mr. Davis is one tall dude and his stature is perfect in creating and maintaining the menacing presence that is Death Face.

The writing team of Ben Scott, Joshua Van Hooke and Jeremy Drysdale has brought together a decent piece of story telling. And while the overall piece is a bit predictable in spots, THE OTHER SIDE still delivers a good supply of tension and frights. They do in 20 minutes what most full length features seem to fail at. With above average performances, decent story telling and top notch production value, THE OTHER SIDE is definitely a short film worth checking out.

For more information about the film, check out the official website here.

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