The Creative Loneshark Crew Want To Bring You VIVARIUM: A Sci-Fi Thriller

As I’m sure most of you see on a regular basis, Kickstarter seems to be the new way for filmmakers to pull the funds together to make their projects. As there are hundreds of requests to back these kind of projects daily, we’re very selective about the ones we mention here on Icons Of Fright and if you’re going to take a few minutes to check out the pitch videos that usually accompany these campaigns, we want to make sure its absolutely worth your time.

I’m personally known filmmaker Jonathan Ehlers for several years now. His father Paul Ehlers played the title character in the 80’s “slasher” cult classic flick MADMAN, provided the opening narration for the Icons produced documentary THE PSYCHO LEGACY and has overall been a tremendous friend and supporter of everything we do here on Icons Of Fright. The same can be said for Jonathan, who is equally as talented and determined. I’ve seen some of the work that his production company Loneshark Studios has done, I’ve read a few of his feature length scripts and I’m amazed that none of them have justly come to fruition yet. But thankfully these guys aren’t going to wait around any longer.

Before anything else, to fully get the talent and humor of this gang, you have to watch their Kickstarter video, which is far different than what you’re probably used to seeing on there:

So that’s the scoop for their Sci-Fi thriller VIVARIUM. And just to prove that they can do a whole lot with very little, here’s there no-budget pitch film:

Trust me, I personally am well aware of how tough times are, and it’s a lot to ask anyone to back any kind of project these days, but if you have the means, please support genuine people like these guys. Don’t have the money to back ’em? We get that too. Then just repost or share the above videos with your friends. To the Loneshark gang, we thank you for your support of Icons over the years and hope you guys get to make the feature you deserve to make.


Kickstarter is an ALL OR NOTHING fundraising model, run through Amazon Payments. With your help, when we make our goal, we will get the entire budget to make VIVARIUM. However, if we don’t make our goal, you are not charged a single cent.

You have nothing to lose – either an amazing film gets made and you get your rewards, or you get your pledge back. So please, if you believe in this project, pledge here and now, on the Kickstarter website – let’s pass that magic goal!

Without further ado…


Our feature film VIVARIUM is an ENVIRONMENTAL SCI-FI THRILLER. In a dystopian future, all plant life on Earth has been wiped out due to biological warfare. The only way to experience nature is in Vivarium, a perfect virtual reality of pristine Earth, as it once was. It’s a near-hopeless future where the ghost of Mother Nature’s gifts have been twisted, corporatized into a luxury.

Against that background, the film explores the dynamics of humans in a world devoid of sunlight, fresh air, and the beauty of a flower. And more importantly it reveals how far heroes will go to get it all back.

The story follows an aging bounty hunter old enough to remember real wilderness from his younger days who must use his antiquated skills to track a dangerous hacker through this digital playground. As he hunts, he uncovers a dark secret that the corporate owners of Vivarium will do anything to hide, which could change the course of history.


We are making VIVARIUM, first of all, because we hold dear to our hearts the environmental themes within.

Secondly, like all movie-goers, we crave the next TRULY GREAT story that will keep us on the edge of our seats. And when one does come along, we cheer, sigh, cry, laugh, and applaud as loud as anyone.

We know audiences are capable of appreciating an intelligent plot line, a nuanced character and an unconventional story. Yet, we can all agree big budget Hollywood rarely provides us with this magical alchemy.

We believe that given a chance, audiences will choose the films that both entertain AND make them think.

We want to create and give audiences that option. And if the big studios aren’t going to give us that satisfaction, then let’s do it the grassroots way. That’s why we’re here on Kickstarter, preparing to make a film that can be both thrilling and thought-provoking for our audience.

More details, hit up the Kickstarter page right HERE.

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