Check Out The New One Sheet For PONTYPOOL CHANGES!

Okay, I’m not usually the one that posts pieces about posters for upcoming films but this one caught my eye.  Since we’re not at The Fantasia Film Festival, we must live vicariously through those who are.  This tidbit was just reported on TwitchFilm and I had to share it with you.  Roughly a year ago, I read Adam Barnick’s review of PONTYPOOL and immediately had to seek the film out.  As a fan of the zombie genre, this film blew my mind.  So when I saw this, I sort of jumped from my chair with glee.

The first film, directed by Bruce McDonald, was loosely based on Tony Burgess’s novel PONTYPOOL CHANGES EVERYTHING (which is now on my ‘must read’ list!) and it seems speculative that PONTYPOOL CHANGES will continue down the path the book and first movie laid forth.

While still in development, the announcement of this sequel gives me hope for more thought provoking narratives in the stale yet thriving zombie genre.  And if you have not seen PONTYPOOL, you should fix that right away!  Seriously.  Stop reading this and go watch this movie!

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