TBK: TOOLBOX MURDERS 2 Swoops Under Radar And Onto DVD!

All credit goes to Freddy in Space (John Squires rad horror blog that you should acquaint yourself with ASAP) for this exclusive scoop concerning TBK: TOOLBOX MURDERS 2, the sequel to Tobe Hooper’s 2004 remake of the same name. Originally announced over a year ago with the above sales art, trailer (which you can watch below) and even a set report from Fangoria, since then all updates on the film ceased. If you’re a fan of Hooper’s redux and were aching for this sequel (or even unaware!) you can order order it from Amazon, albeit only in DVD-R form and for a heft price tag, here.

The synopis goes: “An attractive young woman is kidnapped, held captive and forced to endure the evils of one of the most violent homicidal maniacs in the city’s history. “The Toolbox Killer” aka TBK. It is by her will, strength and her faith that she must survive, the ordeal. Her escape is almost hopeless. Unfortunately her situation only worsens when outside supernatural forces become more difficult to contend with than TBK…”

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